Equine reproduction is a big part of what we do here at
SSEC.  On the farm we examine and culture mares
before they go to the stud farm.  When they return we
attend all the way through pregnancy, foaling and the

At the clinic we A.I. mares with fresh cooled shipped
semen or frozen semen.  Ultrasound makes this type of
breeding highly successful.  The ability to monitor
ovarian follicular development and the availability of
modern ovulating agents allows us to synchronize the
mare's cycle with the arrival of Fed X delivered semen
from anywhere in the U.S.

Frozen semen can be stored here at the clinic
indefinitely until the mare is ready.  Although
conception rates are lower this type of breeding allows
access to deceased or foreign stallions.  

On the stallion side we collect, package and ship fresh
cooled semen.  Disposable shipping containers are
available for a nominal fee.  

Semen collection and evaluation is essential for
successful management at the breeding farm.  This is
especially true for older stallions.  Our adjustable
phantom can accommodate stallions from pony
through warmblood size.  

We keep a tease mare at the clinic throughout the
breeding season to facilitate the training of stallions to
the phantom.  
Above.  Reproductive ultrasound examination.  
Above.  Liquid nitrogen tanks at SSEC.
Above.  Er. Everman collecting Morgan Stallion owned by Candy Morasch