Above.  Dr. Everman performs a dental on a draft at the clinic in the stocks.
Above.  Large rostral hooks
Above.  Severe tongue lession due to jagged tooth.
Regular dental maintenance is crucial to sustaining your
horse's health and performance.

At SSEC we have a full range of dental equipment including
reciprocating and rotary powered equipment plus hand tools
and a speculum for every size horse.  Also at the clinic the
stock, designed by Dr. Everman, has head supports to facilitate
dentistry.  These make the procedures more comfortable for the
horse and much easier for the owner and the veterinary staff.  

Of course, we still do a large amount of dentistry in the field, but
becuase of and the stocks, we suggest haul-ins for dentistry
whenever possible.

Many horses do not show evidence of dental problems until
they are well advanced.  By this time they are more expensive to
deal with and sometimes cannot be completely corrected.  For
this reason we suggest an oral/dental exam at least once a
Above.  Dr. Everman performs a dental and explains the procedure to
our local 4-H club
Above: Dr. Bradley performs a dental on a
mini donkey at the clinic while Jayme assists